Being Me…

“So, who should I be today? The hippie with a nose ring?”
“No, you did that yesterday.”
“Maybe I should do the beauty queen in 6 inch heels.”
“You don’t own any heeled shoes”
“Good point. I guess I can’t wear the blue wig then.”
“What blue wig?”…

… and so the conversation went that morning, like it did everyday
with me talking to the me in the mirror just before I wore my geeky glasses,
the ones I never seemed to be able to see with
the ones that made me invisible, or so I thought,
until I tripped and fell, and landed on my face,
a common occurrence in my already sorry existence

“Maybe that’s why my glasses never work, but that’s beside the point
I need to think of a dignified way to get up. At least it can’t get any worse”

But I had spoken too soon, for I looked up, and there he was.

“Shit! He’s coming this way. Get up before he sees you
or you’ll never get the chance to make a good impression.”

But he saw me,
in all my hopelessly clumsy glory.
He saw me,
scrambling around to pick myself off the ground.
He saw me,
Looking totally un-chic, un-cool and un-classy

“I knew I should have gone with the beauty queen look today.
Now he’ll never… wait a minute! He’s smiling”

He was smiling. At me…

That day, he saw me, and he liked me
He still does, I think…
Except he likes the me that I was…

But, that clumsy girl is gone
And in her place, a woman has been born
With unbridled beauty, style and grace
Completely different, except for her face,
A face that doesn’t quite meet the ground as often as it did before…
Gone is the once constant struggle to just be
I’ve finally found the courage to be me…

“So I’m going to see him again today.”
“Hmmm. It’s been ages. What do you think he’ll make of you?”
“Well I certainly hope he likes the me that I’ve become.”
“And if he doesn’t?”
“We’ll see…”

…and so went the conversation this morning,
Just before I stepped into my 6-inch Jimmy Choos
And no, I did not have a blue wig on.
But a pair of designer glasses framed my eyes.

As I turned the corner leading to the coffee shop,
I saw him sitting at a table, deep in thought.
I waved slightly to catch his attention
And he looked up. And smiled. At me.
Then I felt my heel catch in a crack I hadn’t seen before
And down I came, Jimmy Choos and all…


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