Diary Extract #6

A•dul•ter•y (əˈdʌl tə ri) noun Consensual sexual intercourse between a married person and a person other than the spouse   I finally open the bathroom door to come out of hiding and I’m immediately hit by the aromas coming from… Continue Reading


Diary Extract #5

A·rous′al (əˈraʊzl) noun the action or fact of arousing or being aroused   Once again, I’m faced with the horribly difficult decision of what to wear. I’m done with the house chores which I never seem to be able to… Continue Reading


What do Men want to know about Women?

Dear Men, We’ve heard you say so many times that you just don’t get us (by we, I mean women). We’ve also heard you say that in fact, we don’t even get ourselves and we don’t know what we really… Continue Reading