Valentine’s Day – To Celebrate Or Not To Celebrate?

Another Valentine’s Day has come – the 12 months between each February 14th seem to go just as fast as any 12 months. Once again, everywhere is coloured red. Every radio station is running Valentine adverts. Every store or business… Continue Reading


Life Lessons From My Power Bike…

I fell in love with the idea of riding a power bike while watching Trinity pull some cool stunts on her Ducati in the first instalment of The Matrix. I loved how confident and sexy and strong she looked. The… Continue Reading


Cookie Monsters

Cynthia: Hey babe Victor: How are you? Cynthia: (gets in the car) Oops! I think I just sat on something. Cynthia: Where did you get these? Victor: Oh! Tony and I went to see one of his friends today. Victor:… Continue Reading


Things I Couldn’t Say…

I wish I could disappear Go far far away From your cold From your silence From the dysfunction that is us   I wish I could fix it Take it back to where it was good And press pause Or… Continue Reading


Angels Among Us…

Did you ever watch that series titled “Touched by an angel ”? I can barely remember what it was about, though I remember the faces of the black older woman and the white younger woman very clearly. Now, I don’t… Continue Reading


I Forgot About You

I forgot about you. Finally. I forgot about your crooked smile, your infectious laughter and how you always knew just what to say to make me laugh. I forgot about how safe I felt when you held me, and how… Continue Reading


I’m Your Boss. Your Job Is To Make Me Look Good!

As a young assistant several years ago, I remember sitting across from my boss, getting a scolding and eventually hearing her say those words to me. I also remember thinking that she must be crazy if she thought that my… Continue Reading


10 Reasons Why Marriage Is Not For Everybody

The marriage story has been over-flogged but the truth is it never gets spent. Growing up as a young girl, watching all those fairy tales and romantic comedies, and reading all those Mills and Boons that always ended happily ever… Continue Reading


A Date With Karma

His phone rang for the umpteenth time in the last hour. He ignored it. Just like he had the last time. And the time before that. He knew who was calling and he was neither in the mood nor in… Continue Reading


Why Moving In With Your Partner Before Marriage Might Make Sense!

Shoot the messenger. But in this case, she doesn’t care. I’ve heard so much talk about why it’s not right or not ideal to move in with someone and be sleeping with them, cooking and eating with them, playing ‘house’… Continue Reading