Diary Extract #3

Choice (CHois) noun An act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities. *Beep beep beep beep*, my alarm goes off on Thursday morning. I reach out a sleepy hand to shut it off. I… Continue Reading


Diary Extract #2

chem.is.try (ˈke-mə-strē) n : a science that deals with the structure and properties of substances and with the changes that they go through : the structure and properties of a substance : the way a substance changes and reacts with… Continue Reading


What’s Rice got to do with it?

“If you want to eat rice every day, you have to learn to garnish it in different ways…” I heard Funmi Iyanda say that a long time ago on some television programme – I forget the name – but it… Continue Reading


Diary Extract #1

mis·tress (mĭs′trĭs) n A woman who has a continuing sexual relationship with a man who is married to someone else. I must have looked that word up in the dictionary a million times. And every time I looked, the meaning… Continue Reading


This thing called Sex… #3

And here are my final tips for having great sex…(Read part 1 and Part 2) Communicate ‘in situ’: Yes, you have a voice. Use it. Nobody said you should go mute just cos you’re getting some. You like something he/she… Continue Reading


This thing called Sex… #2

So, here’s continuing what I started in the previous post. If you missed it, read it here this thing called sex.   For those who were ‘in class’ last time, school is now in session. Don’t be afraid to experiment… Continue Reading


This thing called Sex…

Did you ever come away from a little romp in the sack thinking “is that it? Is that all there is?” Or did you have to put up a forced smile to mask your not-so-slight disappointment when your partner happily… Continue Reading